Thursday, 19 August 2010

Thanks to craftygranny and lynn for this award.
3 things i like about me!
Im slightly mad, which is a great advantage for me!!
                                     Im a very hard worker.
                                      Id give away my last rolo if you were hungry!
                            Favourite photo has to be this one of my 'Old Man'
                            Ill have to have a think who to pass the award on to as most peps i follow already have it.


Uma said...

very cool photo - have you thought about scrapbooking it?

carmim said...

Thank you, Im sure ill get round to scrapbooking one of these days, i just need more hours in the day! lol

PepPop said...

What a cool photo! Oh and BTW I think it pays to be a bit mad - life would be awfully boring if we weren't :) Jaqui x