Thursday, 12 August 2010

Scottish Summers

Lovely sunny day (or it was when I got my scooter out of the garage) went to a couple of local craft shops in Dalkeith, then I thought I'll visit Portobello. 
Well the heavens opened with a bolt of lightning, and a crash of thunder! within 5 minutes I was soaked through to the skin (must remember to find my waterproofs! lol) Bike went through a huge puddle and decided it had had enough, had to stop and let poor Peggy dry out a bit! (Peggy's my bike BTW)
But anyhoos, I still bought a few things and even stopped at Hobbycraft on the way home! I couldn't get any wetter!, and I found an embossing mat for my cuttlebug, so it was worth the detour.

Now sat down with a cup of coffee (and dry clothes), just looking at ordering some Marianne Design Creatables from   Lothian crafts

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