Wednesday, 27 July 2011

For my little cousins wedding this weekend

Another weekend, another wedding!
This time I'm invited yipee, I do love a good wedding!
I've made my little cousin and his bride-to-be a vintage car, since my last one was a smash at last weeks wedding.

 This time I made a box to put it in.


PepPop said...

APPLAUSE!!!! Stunning work! Jaqui x

Sarah said...

Absolutely gorgeous, well done x

Sandra's Scrapsels said...

Wowww, how great is that!!! Looks really gorgeous!!
What a great idea to make a box around it!! Jusy a perfect gift for a wedding!
Smashing again hahaha!

Thanks for your notification!

Bye, Sandra

Mad-Frog said...

wow it's fantastic